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Our Methodology

HAS Vision

Our vision is to ensure that patients are at the centre of all the projects we deliver.

We deliver this through the skills and expertise of our data scientists, who have worked in advanced healthcare analytics. Piecing together the disease population and looking at where the unmet need is most prevalent.

We also use our considerable knowledge in designing both business case and cost models, to ensure we are generating a clear value proposition.

We routinely check that our offering is closely linked to the changes in the NHS and private hospital groups.

We feel strongly, that as we grow as a company, we are always putting value back into the healthcare system.

Ultimately we want patients to receive first class care, using the most advanced technology, delivered in the most cost-effective way and transparent way.


HAS Mission

Our mission is to always provide end to end solutions for the companies we work with, ensuring that each client receives a successfully delivered project.

We ensure that each project is managed through tried and tested project management methodology, with the flexibility to ensure the project delivers for all stakeholders.

We ensure that no matter how small a stage within the project, it has the right focus.

Through continued dialogue, we ensure agility to allow us to support customers fully. At the same time, due to our expertise, we can reduce unnecessary spend on project steps.


HAS Strategy

Our strategy is to ensure that for every project delivered, for both the NHS and private hospitals, we can demonstrate that the following areas are covered:-

  • Patient benefits
  • Health and Social care benefits
  • Innovation benefits
  • Funder benefits
  • System benefits
  • Outcome benefits
  • Company benefits

When working with any clients, we ensure that the strategy of that company is fully understood. Particularly how clients can develop to be an integral part of the NHS. One of our key strengths is aligning strategies together, to let clients become a key partner for the NHS and private hospital groups.

With our clients, we always seek to ensure that the projects taken on, are aligned with the health and social care act.


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