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Coding & Reimbursement

Where does your service or product sit in the pathway? Take the guess work out and be assured.


A market access report explaining how a client’s new technology can be funded within the NHS. Presenting, in a coding process, a comparison to a competitor’s technology. The report provides a deeper understanding of the contributing factors which influence the HRG codes. It also references costs for each coded operation and the additional payment options the NHS will receive. The report covers both secondary care and specialised commissioning fund flows, together with high-cost device implications. It also allows clients to understand the additional drivers within the NHS, which aim to have the patient treatment pathways as per clinical standards, using initiatives like Best Practice tariff and others.


A lack of understanding of the complex nature of coding within NHS hospitals and the various annual policies changes. Supporting a market access opportunity also helps decide if the NHS payment system can support technology costs, along with supporting health economic modelling for the technology. Reinforced by accurate NHS costs and tariffs, which will be paid for by the CCGs to NHS hospitals. We help with the challenge, facing venture capitalists that want to invest in Med-Tech within the UK, who are unsure of what reimbursement would be awarded. Therefore, helping them better understand and sense check against proposed plans and strategies.


  • Private Hospitals
  • NHS
  • Med-Tech
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Health Economists
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Private Medical Insurance

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