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Health Strategy

When sometimes the start and end are clear, but the journey in the middle needs support.


Our consultancy services are geared to support your current journey in healthcare within the UK. We either provide a full review service of your current strategy, or we can help define the strategy from start to finish. Bringing together our knowledge of economics, advanced analytics and NHS policy, we can then drive your market adoption. Our team work closely with you to make sure our experience is transferred, and your teams become experts in their chosen field.

It is essential that all stakeholders have bought into the developing strategy. We can facilitate these, bringing in senior NHS staff to give their views on the strategy. In some cases, our strategic partners can help with training if needed.


Companies quite rightly are very close to their strategy and sometimes have not consulted with external support have it sense checked. HAS find that having industry experts to support and drive the strategy forward, can be just that key to opening the door.

The challenge facing most private hospital and Med-Tech companies is keeping up to speed with the policy changes in the NHS. Often these changes can either support or impact on the strategy being put into place. By working with HAS, we will ensure that any policy changes or impacts are compared to any strategy.


  • Private Hospitals
  • NHS
  • Med-Tech
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Health Economists
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Private Medical Insurance

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