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Reporting and Dashboards

When data is too much and really all you need is actionable information.


A dashboard that enables a single source of information, allowing swifter and more informed decisions, aligned with clear strategic objectives. We ensure that they are frequently updated, and before any data is published, a stringent data quality process takes place. We produce clear guidance to ensure users better understand the information being presented and are proficient from the start.


There is currently no single source of data and supporting information for decisions makers to quickly review and action, if appropriate. We very often see companies with large excel spreadsheets which offer some of the clues as to what the NHS needs. However, without a dashboard from HAS, it can take many months to uncover this type of problem. We therefore save time and ensure accuracy is in place, to support our clients with a clear strategy.


  • Private Hospitals
  • NHS
  • Med-Tech
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Health Economists
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Private Medical Insurance

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