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NHS Policy and Education

When policy holds the key to supporting your strategy. Sometimes its just knowing where to look


An overview of the NHS policies, including risk, impact and opportunities for the stakeholder. Enabling a clear and concise summary of information, to improve NHS care through delivery. We specialise in turning what can sometimes be a mountain of pages into a simple guide for both your internal teams, product specialists and management teams. Each year there are new policies and initiatives in many areas of the NHS. It is crucial that all stakeholders in that delivery are involved and keep us up to speed.


The inability to obtain all current and relevant policies in one location, at the push of a button. Missing any cost model inputs which might be pertinent to your technology or service specification. Therefore, having the relevant policies streamlined into a transparent process, showing risks, opportunities, future developments and patient benefits. It reduces the speed at which to react and support the NHS and hospital providers... Also, by including this information in a workshop or a team training day, it focuses teams, to ask the experts and acquire the most accurate guidance.


  • Private Hospitals
  • NHS
  • Med-Tech
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Health Economists
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Private Medical Insurance

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